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De Hoop’s natural abundance reaches beyond the grasslands where Cape Mountain Zebra, Bontebok and herds of Eland roam. Down at the rocky shores a whole other world of diversity and intrigue exists.

Positioned on the Western Cape’s coastline and extending an almighty 340 square kilometres, De Hoop is one of the largest areas managed by Cape Nature, and one of few parks to boast such a large diversity in marine and land animals, birdlife and vegetation!

Declared a Marine Protected Area (MPA) in 1985, the sheltered bay hosts a myriad of marine life – the most famous it’s annual visitors – the Southern Right Whales. However, much, much smaller life has drawn its own share of attention:

“De Hoop Reserve is one of the world’s most pristine rocky shores with the largest biodiversity of intertidal creatures anywhere in the world! This coast is home to 11 of southern Africa’s 18 limpet species.”


De Hoop Collection Intertidal Workshop

Thankfully, the life within these rocky shores doesn’t have to remain a complete mystery for guests. Guided Marine Walks down to the shoreline with a trained De Hoop Guide allow visitors to glimpse the curious world beneath the tides. The two-hour experience is a firm favourite amongst adults and kids alike who clamber over the rocks to get a closer look at the often-overlooked creatures that nestle within the pristine rock pools.

“The southern African marine zoogeographical province has more limpet species than any of the other 15 marine provinces of the world and all of them are endemic.  You will see creatures in De Hoop that are found nowhere else in the world!”



Initiatives like the guided marine walk, eco boat trips on the vlei, and a new guided vulture experience, allow guests to De Hoop Nature Reserve, and day visitors alike an opportunity to enjoy encounters with nature and marine life year round. When will you next #discoverdehoop?

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