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Self-catering or luxury accommodation in one of the most beautiful parts of South Africa The De Hoop Collection offers a wide range of accommodation. From affordable self-catering chalets to more luxurious self-catering cottages and upmarket fully catered lodges. The De Hoop Collection accommodation has something for everyone, from families travelling on a limited budget, couples seeking a comfortable but affordable breakaway to top-end fully inclusive weddings and honeymoons. Catered and self catered options  are available for most accommodation types.

Important Info for your Stay:

  • Our stunning coastline, Koppie Alleen, is situated approximately 13km from our accommodation.  Those who are fit as fiddles might find a strenuous cycle suitable, alternatively, a drive in your vehicle will take you 25min.
  • The Fig Tree Restaurant is quite the place to be and therefore packed; in high season especially.  Please ensure that you book a table for dinner to secure your spot.
  • Our activities are weather and tide dependant and is best booked by yourself a day in advance or once you arrive. We can also book for you well in advance but bear in mind that the weather and tide will have the last say.
  • Cape Nature does not allow driving around on the reserve after sunset.  We have permission though for driving between our cottages and restaurant once the sun has set.
  • For guests staying in the Opstal area - Most of our guests opt to walk to the restaurant at night; and what a lovely walk it is!  The cottages located the furthest from the restaurant is less than a 10min walk away.  Just remember to carry a torch with you!  Torches are provided in our suites only and not in self-catering units.
  • The nearest petrol pump is a 15-20min drive away and only open Mon-Fri during business hours and until 12h on a Saturday.  Best fill up before arrival in the last town you pass – Bredasdorp, Riviersonderend or Swellendam.
  • If you are self-catering, please ensure that you bring all your supplies.  Our curio shop sells wood, firelighters and meat but it really is a gift shop and not a food shop.
  • Firewood can be purchased at our Curio Shop.  We provide complimentary firewood in our Suites that have fireplaces only.
  • CapeNature has taken the decision to prohibit firewood brought in by visitors in all their nature reserves. This precaution will be in effect from 01 April 2022 until further notice. The reason behind the strong measure is because of the very serious biodiversity threat in the form of the Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer beetle (PSHB). In the last few months, this beetle has become a very real and present threat to trees.


What is Load-shedding?
This term is unique to South Africa. It is an engineered power shutdown, where electricity is stopped for periods of time over different parts of the distribution region. It is a necessary response to a situation where the electricity demand outweighs the supply available. This is currently the case in South Africa.
The electricity is switched off for 2.5hrs at a time and the times differ from day to day depending on the stage of loadshedding. There are different stages ranging from 1 to 8. Unfortunately, the times for loadshedding can change at the last minute which could make informing you a challenge.

What to expect during load shedding.
During loadshedding, you will not have power in your unit. This means you will not be able to use the electric equipment available and the light switches will not work.
We provide oil lanterns, candles, and rechargeable lights in all our units that can be used when there is loadshedding at night.
Our self-catering cottages have BBQ areas which can make for a fun outdoor dining experience. Our curio shop stocks wood, firelighters, and frozen meat for your convenience.
Our restaurant, reception, guides room and curio shop are powered by a generator during loadshedding. This means you can still enjoy service in our restaurant and go shopping in our curio shop. These areas have free Wi-Fi available for all our guests which is also available during loadshedding.
Of course, our guided activities do not require power. This can be a great way to pass the ‘loadshedding’ time during the day.

Loadshedding tips
Visit our reception for the load shedding schedule for the day. Note, the times can change at the last minute depending on the stage of load shedding necessary at a specific time. The stages are determined by our national electricity supplier.
There are load shedding apps available for download on Google Playstore, Istore, etc.
Remember, load shedding times differ between regions and even within cities. So, if you are on the move, check ahead of time what to expect.
Make sure your electronic devices are charged prior to the scheduled load shedding time.
Exercise patience, as the reality is that nothing works quite as it should when there is a power cut.
Should you need assistance, please contact the manager on duty on 071 260 7805.

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