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Elim Wine Route

The Elim ward which is hugged by two oceans and easily accessed via Bredarsdorp on a newly tarred road, falls within the Agulhas district along the Cape South Coast – an interesting geographical location that has resulted in the Elim ward becoming one of the most closely watched wine producing regions in the world.

Perpetual winds off the sea on this peninsula, cool laterite, sandstone and broken shale soils, cool temperatures during the ripening stage, and high light intensity, engraves in the berries flavours such as nettle, capsicum, gooseberry, figs and passion fruit. The wines have a full palate, are crisp and minerally, have lots of concentrated fruit with an excellent finish.

The meaning of the word Elim, ‘place of God’ could not be more apt for this picturesque, historic town, where the vast skies and swirling blue oceans lapping at the shores of this coastal paradise define its special allure. Spectacular wines are the order of the day for four wine producing partners in the Elim ward; The Berrio, Black Oystercatcher, Zoetendal and First Sighting, who have joined forces to create the Elim Winegrowers.Their slogan, ‘Real wine, Real people’, captures the essence of this small hamlet, where there is no better place to experience flavoursome wines, delectable cuisine and genuine hospitality.

In order to preserve the exceptional bio-diversity of the area, the Elim Winegrowers, along with other farmers in the area, have incorporated their farms into the Nuwejaars Wetland Special Management Area Initiative, established to develop a sustainable ecology in harmony with farming in the Nuwejaars Wetland Ecosystem. In accordance with international standards, this project aims to preserve the unique fauna and flora of the Agulhas coastal plains, some of which are listed on the Red Data endangered list. A largely sustainable ecology is created, ensuring the protection and enhancement of the heritage and culture of the sub-region, generating benefits for all stakeholders, helping to meet social and environmental requirements, and encouraging community lifestyles compatible with environmental sustainability. Spanning 21 468 hectares, this project puts the Elim Winegrowers at the forefront of environmentally sustainable viticulture practices.

Black Oystercatcher

Black Oystercatcher, Boutique Wines from Elim, the cool Tip of Africa. Black Oystercatcher is a family-run wine farm at the cool southernmost tip of Africa, from where the boutique Black Oystercatcher wines are made. The boutique wines offer crisp yet elegant, fruity flavours, formed by the cool coastal winds, the unique Elim soil and our distinctive wine-making philosophy.

The Berrio

There is a strong tradition in The Berrio vineyards near the southernmost tip of Africa. Each day we thank God for the wind. The Berrio wines are produced by Francis Pratt. Named after the first ship to ever sail around the southern most tip of Africa.

Ghost Corner

Not content with making award-winning wine in the Cederberg, David Nieuwoudt spotted the huge potential of Elim, a small and extremely promising maritime region within the Cape Agulhas district, close to South Africa’s most southerly point. Only produced in minute quantities, the inaugural vintage of Ghost Corner was met with instant rave reviews upon release and sold out immediately.

Lands End

Lands End is located in the Elim Ward, near Cape Agulhas, South Africa’s most Southerly point. Lands End wines are made in the most non-interventionist manner. The resulting wines reflect this austere landscape with deep rich flavours and hints of minerality, reminding one of their unique origins.


The Vineyards of Lomond Wine Estate are not simply rows of grapevines, but rather part of a beautifully balanced ecological whole, in which each element of their unique home – from the soil beneath them to the spectacular Fynbos that surrounds them – grows together interdependently, attuned to the greater forces that give them life. These Vineyards produce intriguingly complex but balanced wines with a unique flavour profile from each block.


Strandveld Vineyards South Africa. 35°S. First Sighting is our foundation range and expresses the unique terroir of our various soil types and extreme weather conditions. The Strandveld Vineyards range is crafted from only our finest grapes grown on very specific blocks. These wines are the ultimate expression of the time and place of their creation.


Trizanne Signature Wines is a small boutique producer. I believe in searching for the synergy between area and cultivar. This takes me from West to South, warm to cool climates and producing wines expressing the unique origin with very little interference in the winemaking process

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