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There’s no question about it – everything is getting busier, and this includes the workplace. Deadlines are squeezed tighter, and projects fly in faster, and it seems as if everyone is just Go! Go! Go! This manic pace may be reason enough to put on the brakes and regroup with a Corporate Retreat or Team Building Getaway. Here are three more reasons why you’ll want to:

  1. Boost Communication

From road tripping to the venue, to bunking with co-workers, and sharing three meals a day with them, a company getaway encourages bonding and increases the time available for communicating directly with each other. You won’t be tempted to drop someone an email when they’re in the buffet line two people down. Structured activities and exercises focused on facilitating communication can also help co-workers engage in different, and interesting ways. Who knows, you may just learn your accountant’s kids’ names, and remember them!


Exeter University Students at The Shed, De Hoop

  1. Reconnect with your Core Focus

Offices can be full of distractions, and we all know that your day never goes exactly as planned – meetings get cancelled, networking brunches get moved, people pop by unannounced, or the internet goes down and productivity takes a nose dive. A team building retreat allows for a very different kind of structure which can help your company (re)focus on core messages. From problem-solving tasks to quizzes and games, your particular workshops can emphasise growth areas important to your business in a setting conducive to reconnecting and energising the team.

  1. Spark an Idea with a Change of Scene

Getting out of the office and into nature can be a brain boost all of its own. According to Stanford Professor Dr. Katie Curhan:

“Numerous studies suggest that activities in
natural settings or exposure to natural features have
important stress reduction and restoration effects.”

Combine an outdoor setting like De Hoop Collection with a strategy session, or brainstorming weekend, and you could just ignite the creative spark your team needs to tackle that next big project.


University of the Free State, Class of 2015 at Koppie Alleen, De Hoop

Our team would love to help you put together your next Corporate Retreat and help build your team morale as you tackle exciting projects with renewed focus! De Hoop Collection offers a range of accommodation options, and workshop and strategy sessions can be held in our new Shed Venue, or even outdoors beneath a magnificent Fig Tree. Contact us for more information on how we can help your team reconnect.

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