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Father’s Day Lunch &  Craft Beer Pairing: Did you know, beer or ale has been served with meals for over 12 centuries. In fact, the very first commercial brewery was formed by a group of monks in Pilzen, Czechoslovakia, in the 11th century. They brewed and sold a variety of ales and pilsners to the local population. Take this opportunity to see just how well particular beers can be paired with food to enhance the flavours, an opportunity not to be missed. Look forward to sampling some beers from Birkenhead, just outside Stanford’s, range, which includes Pilsner, Pride Dark Ale, Honey Blonde Pale Ale, and Premium Lager, as well as Hermanus Brewery’s Old Harbour Lager. Bookings: 028 542 1253. R195pp

“A Father is someone you look up to no
matter how tall you grow.”
– unknown


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