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 The De Hoop Marine Protected Area in the Western Cape Province is bounded by the high water mark, a line (1 14° true bearing) drawn from the beacon marked D1-fl, situated near Stilbaai Point (34 °27’.13S; 020052 .25 E), another line(150’ true bearing) drawn from the beacon marked DH2, situated between Rys Point and Skipskop (34 °34’.94S; 020°21‘.89E), and a seaward boundary, which is a series of straight lines joining the following positions, each three nautical miles from the shore:

34028..378 S;2O’55..653E, 

34°28’ .385S; 20”55’.397E,

34°30’ ,378S; 20°53’ .904E,

34°31 ‘,295S; 20051’ .277E,

34*31’,088S; 20”48’.865E,

34”30’,416S; 20°45’ .593E,

34029’ .850S;20”41.. I28E,

34°30’ .438S; 20”34’.9OOE,

34°32’ .329S; 20°29’ ,699E,

34 °37’.600S; 20°23. ,757E.

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