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With the Potberg & De Hoop MTB this weekend, we thought we’d share eight fun reasons why Mountain Bikers and Cowboys would have plenty to chat about around a campfire.

  1. A sense of adventure is a prerequisite!
  2. Both ride in saddles
  3. Pedal Straps + Pegs = Modern Day Stirrups
  4. Headgear is synonymous with both – either a good ol’ Stetson or a super streamlined helmet
  5. Both can traverse varied terrain from rocky river beds to steep mountain slopes (and show exceptional control while doing so!)
  6. Both explore the outdoors with an epic sense of freedom
  7. Regardless of the elements, you’ll find a mountain biker or a cowboy out on the range
  8. Respect and reverence for their chosen ride – whether a trusty horse or their carbon-fibre crush, the relationship between rider and ride is a special one.

Entries close today at high NOON for the Potberg & De Hoop MTB! If you haven’t yet signed up, click here! We hope to see you on the track, cowboy!

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