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Being an online journalist means I often have a bit of weird existence. It’s an existence where I feel like I have to be constantly switched on and sharing my every ‘Instagram worthy’ move. It’s an existence which has me constantly glued to my smartphone and always itching to switch on my laptop to check my emails. So, you can imagine that I was a little bit weary when I was invited to spend a weekend at the oh-so-remote De Hoop Nature Reserve, where cell-phone signal is hard to come by. But, as the weekend drew closer and my schedule grew crazier I began to feel excited about leaving a strong cell signal behind me and disconnecting for two full days. The drive to De Hoop is a long but beautiful three hours, where every twist and turn allows you to release more and more stress, and by the time you drive through the gate of the reserve you know you’ve arrived somewhere quite magical.
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