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Culinary Weekends at De Hoop

Culinary Weekend – Middle East Cuisine 23-25 May
 with Jonathan Franzsen

One way to beat the winter blues is to get cooking- so come and join us at De Hoop for a weekend of exotic, gastronomic and flavourful fun…

Whether you adore multifunctional dips like hummus or tzatsiki, or prefer calling your shish kebabs sosaties, you will be inspired and delighted with the variety of fresh, aromatic and wholesome dishes that chef Jonathan Franzen will create for you- cuisine that comes from the Middle East: Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey, Syria and the Emirati.

Expect a menu filled with:
FRIDAY 23rd May
Bӧrek Peynirli + Bӧrek Kiymela (Pastries with spinach and cheese, and pastries with lamb).
Gibneh Beyda (White Cheese Dip)

Samak Mahshi bi Roz  + Salata Baladi  (Sweet & Sour Baked Fish with Rice Stuffing  + Mixed salad).
Kibbeh (Stuffed Cracked Wheat Shells)

Sweet Meats Selection (Various truffles of dried fruits)
Raqaq  (Flat Bread)
Boulanee + Patlican Salatasi  (A lamb filled pastry with brinjal salad)
Pilaf in Pastry  (Pastry stuffed with rice and beef)
We will also make the evening’s dessert / and start the meat for supper.

Hummus bi Tahina +  Falafel  (Chickpea & sesame dip + ground spiced Chickpea balls).

Shawarma + Tabbouleh  (Grilled lamb and Mint, Parsley and Burghul Salad).
Hünkâr Beğendi  +  Roz bil Zafran  (Lamb meatballs with creamed brinjal and Saffron Rice).

Baklawa  (Nut filled Pastry)

SUNDAY 25th May
Usual served, plus surprise Middle-Eastern morning nosh!
He will be serving rich, fragrant Iraqi Coffee as well as delicious Dried Lime Tea and refreshing Mint Teas throughout.
Cost: R3 250 per person sharing including accommodation, ingredients, recipes!

Culinary Weekend – A Vietnamese Feast  20-22 June
Sadly brought to world attention by the Vietnam war – this previously little-known sub-tropical country with its long and glorious coastline enjoys an elegant, though simple cuisine.  An introduction to Vietnamese food, cooking methods and ingredients.  The range of dishes is not immense – but very refined and influenced by its northern neighbour China, in its use of stir-frying, steaming and simmering. The soft rice crêpes known as banh trang one of the most popular meals in Nam. Rice noodles, fresh vegetables, herbs, pork, beef, chicken, duck and prawns – make up an astonishing range of meals.

Culinary Weekend – “A Latin Fiesta” with Jonathan Franzen 25-27 July
The discovery of South America by Columbus transformed the lives of both the native Indians and the Europeans. They added to the world’s smorgasbord of food ingredients which are almost all now cultivated outside South America. Among these are corn, potatoes, tomatoes, chilli, peanuts, beans, avocados, vanilla, sweet potatoes, pineapples, paw-paw, chocolate – to name only some of today’s “basic” household ingredients used around the world on a daily basis ! Of the non-edible variety, last but not least, we have to include the beautiful Jacaranda, which hails from Mexico.

The Spaniards brought their own European foods to South America – of which the pig had the greatest impact. It provided the fat that lacked in their diet and a new range of tastes and combinations became possible. Latin’s soon assimilated garlic, onions, rice and spices such as pepper.  The gain was certainly the rest of the world’s – not only to be able to enjoy a long list of ingredients never known before, but now their delicious food – made daily in all 210 countries and territories around the globe. Thank you Columbus!


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