Sensational De Hoop Trail

Sensational De Hoop Trail

Lowland fynbos underbrush meets grass plains and forested gorges, only to run into a long white beach with rocky shores and blue waters. De Hoop Nature Reserve’s diverse landscape is an amazing home to impressive birdlife and wildlife, of which the rare Bontebok and Cape Mountain Zebra reign. There might be many ways to experience the enchanting landscapes and animals of De Hoop, but those adventurous hearts’ only real option is to walk the sensational De Hoop Trail.

The Gracefully Awkward Ostrich

The Gracefully Awkward Ostrich

They must be one of the world’s oddest looking creatures. Flightless but sturdy, they roam the fields and plains of the Overberg on their enormous, dinosaur-like feet, moving with tall, scaly legs and knobbly knees that carry a fat body of wide feathers. All the while they are alert, twisting their great beak and big eyes around on their long, skinny neck. The ostrich is certainly one of the world’s most awkwardly designed animals, and the Overberg is one of the best places to see them.

The Whales Have Arrived!

The white shores run off from the smooth dunes and break with the white foam of crashing waves, and distantly behind the breakers the water is smooth and still… except for an enormous tail rising solitary out of the ocean, waiting to plunge back into the cold waters...

What on earth is a Eurasian Curlew?

What on earth is a Eurasian Curlew? And what about an Antbear? Join us at De Hoop Nature Reserve this July for our Winter School Holidays programme and other exciting memories to be made. This July, the best way to enjoy De Hoop is with our Winter School Holiday...

New Wedding Venue at De Hoop Delights

The Shed, De Hoop Collections new wedding venue is sure to delight couples and guests alike at this Nature Reserve Destination. With breathtaking views over the 19km vlei (birders, bring your binocs for in between speeches) the area used to be a storage area of sorts...

De Hoop Marine Protected Area

 The De Hoop Marine Protected Area in the Western Cape Province is bounded by the high water mark, a line (1 14° true bearing) drawn from the beacon marked D1-fl, situated near Stilbaai Point (34 °27’.13S; 020052 -.25 E),...

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