Why De Hoop Nature Reserve should be on your bucket list

Have you ever been somewhere so unique to you that it becomes a permanent part of your mind — a thought that reoccurs on a regular basis? For me, it is De Hoop Nature Reserve in the Western Cape of South Africa. I’ve visited this nature reserve twice in the past year and thought of sharing with you why De Hoop Nature Reserve should be on your bucket list.

The Whip’s Wild Beauty

Andrea Nagel Cornucopia of flora and fauna surrounds manor, writes Andrea Nagel GETAWAY "THE Whip," is what I heard our host, Dalfrenzo Laing, repeating as he related the story of the house that John Henry Anderson built. This stately, century-old manor — our home for...

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Wild & Wonderful

DeHoop’s70kilometresofpristinecoastlineoffersvisitorsaccesstoadramatic and unspoiled ecosystem. Wildlife – with a Cape vulture colony viewing a day
trip away- makes an escape here an unforgettable experience.