De Hoop Marine Protected Area is certainly one of South Africa’s most stunning and most special. – Peter Chadwick
  The De Hoop MPA is without question my favourite place to dive on the planet! – Jean Tresfon
  From the moment you drive through the gate De Hoop is an adventure!  – Rachel
We had our 7th December holliday at De Hoop and it’s getting better and better every year. – Helen Joubert
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Campsite Rondawels at the Opstal: From R910/rondawel

These 5 Campsite Rondawels are thatched cottages with 2 beds with outdoor shared showers and toilets. Perfect for guests looking for simple and affordable accommodation with a braai area, but no other kitchen facility.

The Opstal area is the hub of the reserve and a great location from which to explore the whole area. These chalets are a great base among the diverse fauna and flora.

There is a tennis court , swimming pool and a boules courtyard.

There is a minimum charge on our rondawels.

KEY: A De Hoop Village Equipped Cottages C Camp Sites D Vlei Cottages E Camp Site Rondawels F Caravan Sites G Restaurant/Reception/Curio H The Shed I The SPA J Dassie Suite K Opstal Stable Suites L Opstal Manor House M Fig Tree Suite N Opstal Houses  O Otter Suites P Melkkamer Vlei Cottage Q Melkkamer Manor House R Melkkamer Foreman’s Cottage